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Joint-It Porcelain Epoxy Grout

Joint-It Porcelain Epoxy Grout

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Joint-It Porcelain Epoxy Grout is unlike any other jointing product on the market for outdoor porcelain patios. 

We have developed a product for you that is: 

  • Extremely High Strength
  • A No-Mess Application
  • Non-Staining
  • Cement-Free
  • Long Lasting
  • Anti-Mildew
  • Colour-Fast
  • Durable
No More Messy Clean Up

Gone are the days of racing against the clock to wash cement-based grouting products off your porcelain paving before it stains. Joint-It Porcelain Epoxy Grout just peels right off with a blade. Clean and simple jointing!

Incomparable Strength

The strength and durability of this product is like none other. 

Just look at how it bonded these large porcelain slabs together when we tried to lift this patio during our testing phase. 

Extremely Low Maintenance

Part of the reason porcelain paving has become so popular is due to its easy-to-keep-clean benefits. Until now, there was no grouting product on the market that was completely rock solid/non-permeable and would not absorb any dirt and grime.

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