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Combination Airbrick 9" x 3"

Combination Airbrick 9" x 3"

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Used in conjunction with the telescopic underfloor vent to provide approximately 6600m2 of free airflow (which complies with the 1985 building regulations and the recommendations of the NHBC) when spaced every 2.2 metres.

The 9″ x 3″ airbricks can be clipped together to obtain required brickwork coursings.

While exceeding current BS sttandards our interlocking airbrick has been designed for a wide range of ventilation applications. 20mm deep louvres set at 43 degrees to act as excellent barriers against driving rain, a two step integral water barrier has also been incoporated for added peace of mind. All Airbricks are supplied with mortar key and keyed surface permitting painting if required. BS compliant, exceeds the requirements of BS5540 Pt2 2000 and BS493 1995. Up to 20% more free area than other Airbricks available. The unique push – fit design means stocks are kept to a minimum, whilst options are maintained. Incorporates integral water barriers. 

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