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Everbuild 507 Rendagrip Bonding Agent 10L

Everbuild 507 Rendagrip Bonding Agent 10L

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EVERBUILD 507 RENDAGRIP® is an extra-grip render
bonding agent that contains a fine aggregate to
provide an improved key before applying render on
external surfaces e.g. concrete, lightweight blockwork,
brick etc. The fine aggregates are suspended in a
unique waterproof polymer to ensure easy application
by roller or brush and an even spread of aggregate,
avoiding any weak spots in the key coat and preventing the aggregate particles coming loose during application.
EVERBUILD 507 RENDAGRIP® reduces the
porosity/suction of the base substrate and provides a
mechanical key from the fine aggregate suspended
within the product.

As a bonding agent for render to concrete, brickwork, blockwork etc.
As a bonding agent to improve adhesion to smooth

▪ Extra-grip render bonding agent
▪ Contains a fine aggregate to improve render key
▪ One coat application – render when dry
▪ Red colour to indicate coverage
▪ Reduces suction on porous substrates
▪ Improves adhesion on smooth substrates
▪ Can be applied to damp surfaces
▪ Waterproof

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