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Evo-Stik Technik Flexible Tanking System Kit 9kg

Evo-Stik Technik Flexible Tanking System Kit 9kg

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Evo-Stik Technik Flexible Tanking System is a complete and seamless waterproof barrier kit for protection against moisture damage. It is suitable for use on baths, showers and sanitary fittings. It includes everything you need for the job: 9kg of sealant paste, 5 metres of self-adhesive jointing tape, a universal sealant roller, and two rubber collars. Made of highly elastic, solvent-free liquid film, it seals wall and floor surfaces under tiles and panels sealing against water penetration, and securely bridging cracks. This ready-to-use sealant is simple to apply with a roller or brush. It is environmentally friendly and proven in industrial, commercial and domestic installations.

  • Easy to apply with roller included
  • 9kg of sealant paste included
  • 5m jointing tape included
  • Creates seamless waterproof barrier
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