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The Faithfull Upright Clamp is designed to be the helping hand when working alone. It’s suitable for use with several materials such as doors, sheet materials, studs for interior wood framing and any application where the material requires support. The clamp gives the user the ability to easily mark-out, route-out, plane, and drill without the difficult job of keeping the material in place with a single hand. The strong grip holds materials up to a width of 55mm (2 ¼in) making it ideal for working on FD30 and FD60 fire doors. Simply push the grip out of its holder and securely lock onto the side of the object, this can be done with a hand or foot depending on the application it’s used for. The sturdy base can be used on table-tops and floors, with the added benefit of support screw holes that can secure the base in place when used with heavy objects. The clamp can also be secured to an additional base (not supplied) for extra stability-The design for this is enclosed in the packaging. Materials suitable for use with: Chipboard Doors MDF OSB Plasterboard Wooden studs 300mm Width, 250mm Length/Depth, 268mm Height (315mm Height from highest adjustment point) Capacity: 12-55mm

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