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Rubi Cyclone Levelling System Caps (Pack of 100)

Rubi Cyclone Levelling System Caps (Pack of 100)

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The main function of the CYCLONE LEVEL SYSTEM is to avoid the generation of lippage during the installation of ceramic tiles, from 3 to 20 mm thick, both during floor and wall tiling.

RUBI leveling systems are especially recommended to improve the finishes when working with large-format tiles. Although they can also be used in smaller formats (recommended from 12" x 12" inch tile) and always with double gluing. Make sure to use a regularized support and in perfect flatness conditions for optimal results.

The use of the CYCLONE LEVEL SYSTEM, by RUBI, is very easy and intuitive. In addition, the results are less sensitive to the user's skill and experience than with the rest of the leveling systems on the market.

The CYCLONE LEVEL SYSTEM flange range has different grout widths and includes cross and T bases to replace * the traditional tile spacers. Each flange width is easily identified thanks to the range of different colors available.

The threaded hoods are reusable. The large round base ensures a homogeneous pressure at all times.

The design of the CYCLONE LEVEL SYSTEM hoods has been specially conceived to maximize ergonomics during manual tightening, (The CYCLONE LEVEL SYSTEM doesn't require any additional tools, neither for tightening nor for breaking.) as well as offering the best possible visibility in the interior area of the hood (where we can see if there is excess adhesive or if the positioning between tiles is correct).

The removal of the CYCLONE LEVEL SYSTEM, by RUBI, is carried out by the impact, as we have said before, it does not require any additional tool.

At RUBI we have always been concerned about the health of the professional. The concept of ergonomics is always very present within the design of our tools since we believe that safety and minimizing the risks of injury at work are essential for health and for proper execution.

  • Only CROSS and T-based models are substitutes for ceramic tile spacers
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