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Sark-IT Non Breathable Membrane 1.5 x 30m

Sark-IT Non Breathable Membrane 1.5 x 30m

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Reduce the effect of wind loading on your roof with this non-breathable membrane. It helps to keep spaces quiet in high winds and protect interiors from water leaks should tiles become loose or damaged. Use it on pitched roofs when you're constructing houses, offices and outbuildings.
This membrane is highly flexible, lightweight and easy to cut, making positioning and trimming it simple. It doesn't tear easily, so when you nail it into place it will remain watertight around the puncture mark. It's also extremely strong and waterproof overall, which keeps harsh weather locked out.
The product is resistant to UV light and extremes of heat, meaning you can use it on south-facing exposures without issues. It has a dark grey surface that reduces glare and it won't flap about under the tiles in gusty winds, therefore minimising unwanted noise.
• A waterproof roof tile underlay
• Used for pitched roof applications
• Gives major benefits over traditional bitumen felt

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