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Tobermore Historic Flags

Tobermore Historic Flags

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Historic paving, part of Tobermore’s Elegance range, is a natural stone alternative designed to bring traditional rustic charm to your outdoor space.

With a selection of vibrant, long-lasting colours to choose from, Historic flags provide all the organic qualities of natural stone, but with the durability of a carefully manufactured product.

Historic flags are available in a pack of five different sizes, allowing you to create mixed laying patterns. Circles can be incorporated into your patio or used to create a standalone area for a table and chairs.

To keep your paving looking its best, Historic features PrimeTop, a hardened surface layer that resists everyday wear and tear. And with our Ef-Stop vapour-curing process, which ensures that efflorescence is dramatically reduced.

  • Provides the look and feel of traditional natural stone
  • Superb hard-wearing surface
  • Vibrant long-lasting colours
  • Features a beautiful contoured face and edge
  • Allows for quick installation
  • Available in a mixed size pack
  • Create an additional feature by adding a Historic Circle
  • Suitable for use on paths and patios
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