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Tobermore Shannon Paving Block 208x173x50mm

Tobermore Shannon Paving Block 208x173x50mm

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Tobermore’s Shannon block paving is a popular choice for pedestrianised areas in developments such as supermarkets, retail outlets and commercial developments.

Part of our Lifestyle paving range, Shannon has a smooth surface that’s ideal for shopping trollies, wheelchairs and mobility machines, prams and other small-wheeled traffic. Shannon’s tight joints and pencil chamfer provides ease of installation and maintenance, and helps prevent weeds from spoiling its appeal.

To keep the paving looking its best for years to come, Shannon features PrimeTop, a hardened surface layer that resists everyday wear and tear. And with our Ef-Stop vapour-curing process, which ensures that efflorescence is dramatically reduced.

Hard-wearing, smooth concrete paving blocks for commercial projects.

  • Vibrant long-lasting colours
  • Superb hard-wearing smooth surface
  • Pencil chamfer significantly reduces maintenance
  • Smooth surface is ideal for use with trolleys, cases etc.
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