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Universal Dry Fix Ridge Kit

Universal Dry Fix Ridge Kit

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The universal dry fix ridge kit is a simple system to secure ridge tiles on a dual pitched roof while removing the need for sand cement mortar by using clamps, screws, and unions to give a safe and improved speed of installation with protection from wind up-lift and rain penetration. The kit complies with BS8612 and provides 5,000mm²/m ventilation to the roof void which is the equivalent to a continuous 5mm gap, to meet requirements of BS5250. The system is compatible with most makes of round and angled ridge tiles along with low & high profile tiles and slates. Each universal dry fix ridge kit contains all mechanical fixings required for a ridge run approximately 6 metres in length.

• 6 metre Universal dry fix ridge ventilation kit

• To ventilate the roof space at ridge level

• Mechanically dry fix roof ridge tiles

• Compatible with low & high profile tiles and slates

• New build and refurbishment projects

• Most pitched roof types from 15-55°

Ridge Kit Contents
• 1 x Vent Roll (300mm x 6m) with black edge trim to upper surface
• 13 x Ridge to ridge joint unions and 26x clips
• 13 x Stainless steel 100mm screws and clamping plates
• 10 x Ridge batten fixing brackets


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