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Universal Dry Verge System

Universal Dry Verge System

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The Easyverge U Universal Verge System is a high speed, high quality easy install dry verge.

Left and right handed units are no longer required as this system is truly universal.

The unique design is quick and easy to install on any tile type and has exceptional holding qualities. 

Each dry verge component is 410mm in length. At its widest point, it is 165mm in width and 137mm at its narrowest.

A tight secure fit is easily achieved ensuring roof tiles are held firmly in place and not vulnerable to wind dislodgement.

  • None-handed units – can be used on both the left and right verge.
  • Unique design to create a completely sealed verge preventing water ingress and insect/bat infestation.
  • Manufactured from Polypropylene for excellent flexibility and UV stability.
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