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Universal Slate Vent 600mm x 300mm

Universal Slate Vent 600mm x 300mm

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Universal hooded slate ventilator for new and refurbishments.

Slate space vent is a roof space ventilator for use with slates. The base as supplied is a direct replacement for a 600mm x 300mm slate. When the 25mm side bands are trimmed off and the inner set of fixing points is used, the unit is then a direct replacement for a 500mm x 250mm slate. The slate ventilator unit has a free vent area of 10,000mm². The slate vent can be converted to a terminal by adding appropriate adaptor.

• For high or low level roof space ventilation

• Slate replacement ventilator

• For new build and/or refurbishment projects

• To reduce risk of condensation

• Suitable for soil ventilation and mechanical extraction

• Direct replacement for 600mm x 300mm slate

• Trim for replacement for 500mm x 250mm slate

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